Claims FAQ – Everything you need to know about the BriteCo claims process.

How do I file a claim?

Very easy, go to and fill our or short claims questionnaire.

What info will I need to file a claim?

We only need a few pieces of information to get your claim started. First, we need some basic contact information and your policy number. We’ll also need the date you first became aware of the loss, the reason for the claim, a description of the circumstances, and a photo of the item if it is damaged. You will also be required to confirm that you have read the required fraud warning.

When can I expect to hear back from BriteCo after filing my claim?

Our adjusters will contact you within 1-2 business days following your claims submission. You will get an email confirmation from us immediately following your submission to confirm our receipt of your claim.

How long does the claim settlement process typically take?

It all depends on the circumstances, but we typically see turnaround in about 2-4 weeks for a claim. Straightforward, simple claims, like the replacement of a common piece form a manufacturer, can be very quick. Custom work that requires consultation, CAD modeling, and/or extensive labor can take longer. Regardless, we will work with you and your jeweler to ensure fast and reliable claims service.

What are my duties following a loss?

Please refer to your policy under “What Must Be Done In Case Of Loss” for more information on the next steps you should take. Remember to file a claim as soon as you are aware of the loss.

What is the maximum BriteCo will pay to repair/replace my piece?

We will pay up to 125% of the insured value to repair or replace your piece. If the amount of the claim exceeds this value, you will be responsible for any portion above 125% of the insured limit.

What should I do if my loss is a result of burglary, robbery, or theft?

First and foremost, call the police to report the incident. We will need a police report when you file a claim. Make sure to let the police know you will need a copy of the report for your insurance company. Your adjuster will work with you and the police to get the information we need to investigate the claim.

What should I do if my jewelry or watch is accidentally damaged?

If you are able to bring the piece to your local jeweler, make sure to go to them ASAP. If you’re away from home, you’ll want to put the jewelry aside to prevent any further damage. Once it’s with your jeweler, you’ll want to file a claim. Make sure to let us know that the piece is with your jeweler, and provide that jeweler’s contact information.

Do I get a cash payment for my claim?
No, BriteCo’s policies are repair/replacement only. Cash settlement is only available in limited circumstances when we are unable to repair or replace the piece with like kind and quality. Very few claims qualify for actual cash value settlement.

Do I get to use the jeweler of my choice for a repair/replacement?

Yes, you get to use the jeweler of your choice. We typically recommend going back to the original jeweler who is most familiar with your piece. However, that jeweler could be out of business or you may have moved by the time you file a claim. We will vet any jeweler you select to ensure they are reputable and able to perform the work required.

What if the jeweler I bought the item from is too far away from where I live?

You can go to any reputable local jeweler to replace the item in this case.

How will my out of production watch be replaced?

Our policy requires us to replace with like kind and quality. We can replace with a gently used watch of the same model, a new watch in the same series, or a watch of similar value form any manufacturer.

Is there a reason BriteCo wouldn’t pay a claim?

Claims settlement/payment is unique to the circumstances of each claim. However, we will not pay for a loss that arises from an excluded peril under our policy terms. We also may not pay a claim if there is material misrepresentation in your application for insurance. If you believe there may be misleading or inaccurate information on your policy, please contact us to remedy.

Do I have to replace my piece with the exact same piece?

No, you are free to work with your jeweler to replace the item with something different so long as it is like kind and quality. The rule of thumb is that the replacement piece should be similar in retail value to the piece that was lost. You can make improvements to the replacement, but you will be liable for the difference in costs for any upgrades.

How do claims impact my premium?

There is a surcharge in subsequent policy periods for every claim you file in the past 5 years. There is no surcharge for any preventative claims filed while insured with BriteCo.

Can my partner or additional insured on the policy file a claim?

Yes, anyone who is considered as an insured under the policy definitions can file a claim.

Where can I contact my adjuster?

If your policy is issued by HDI Global, you can contact our adjusters at North American Risk Services (1-800-315-6090). If your policy is issued by Glencar Insurance Company, you can contact our adjusters at Network Adjusters (1-800-486-2524).

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